I was doing a website audit and it dawned on me… I was just doing a website audit for a client and as I was walking her through the different things that I felt she could change on her website in order to change her conversions and get more sales, and it dawned on me. […]

Why your website might not be attracting the sales you’re looking for


If you own a business on Shopify and you don’t have a favicon, you need to change that! (I mean that in the nicest way) Here’s how… What is a favicon? FIRST we need to talk about what a favicon even is. A favicon is the little tiny image in the corner of your tabs. […]

How to add a favicon to your Shopify site.


I help small businesses make sense of Shopify In addition to working with my custom clients, I also make the easiest Shopify themes in the world. Plus they’re super cute. Let me show you.  I did it myself. I realized my Shopify clients were confused by typical Shopify themes, and wanted something that looked custom […]

Hey small business, let’s make sense of Shopify!


If you’re just starting out on Shopify you’re going to want to make sure everything is running correctly, and you can do this by using test mode.  What is test mode on Shopify??? Test mode allows you to check out on shopify without a real credit card so you can see exactly what it’s going […]

How to use test mode on Shopify


Three actual steps that you can take TODAY to start attracting your ideal clients.  1. Start following and interacting with your ideal clients.  So I don’t mean go be spammy. But actually be interested in what they’re doing, what their interests are, what their pain points are. Genuinely care about connecting with people on social […]

3 things you can start doing today to attract your ideal clients.


Is your Shopify store Black Friday ready? If not, here’s a few tips. 1. Abandoned cart recovery! First up, be sure that you have your abandoned checkout email set up, so that if people do leave items in their cart, hopefully you can recover them.  You can set this up by selecting Settings from the […]

Is your Shopify store Black Friday ready???


Three mistakes I see business owners make on shopify all of the time, and how to fix them, from a Shopify developer.  Sloooooow load time The first mistake I see is people having slow websites. So an easy fix for that is to go in and delete all of your old themes. You do this […]

3 mistakes I see in Shopify + how to fix them


One of the biggest mistakes I see as a Shopify designer is giant walls of text all over your website. I have a secret to tell you……… ….there’s a better way.  The better way Try using an accordion FAQs page so that all of your answers are under your question, hidden. So it’s not such […]

Say no to giant walls of text!


I’m Erika and I help small businesses make sense of Shopify! Today I’m going to tell you how to make a new page layout and actually assign it to a page so it  shows up.  Adding Pages on Shopify 2.0 The first thing you’re going to want to do is go to your Dashboard and […]

Make and assign new pages on Shopify 2.0


I love the way people have used their creative talents to develop a simpler way to achieve our goals. I’m talking about the developers of Google Chrome extensions here – my life will never be the same.  Three of my favorite Google Chrome extensions: 1. Loom. First we have Loom, it is a video platform […]

Three of my Favorite Google Chrome Extensions


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