If you don’t know me, my name is Erika and I’m a mom of four PLUS a Shopify queen. And one of my favorite things about getting new clients and new orders is that my kids and I have a big party every time. And we just go out to dinner, and just like…dance parties, […]

Celebrate the wins.


I’m posting this while feeling bad about myself….whoops. Thanks past Erika, for this. + The whole story.  Number one, keep in mind that what you’re seeing on social media is not the entire story. I promise promise promise that every single business in the world has their struggles, both past and current. I love seeing […]

3 tips on how to avoid getting caught in the comparison trap.


Let’s jump right in and talk about the 5 things you should definitely double check before launching your website. You’ll definitely want to save this to refer back to later. 1. Is it optimized for mobile? Have you ever been to a website on your phone that just looks like it struggles? Maybe you can’t […]

5 things to double check before launching your website.


Have you ever felt like your Shopify website doesn’t truuuly ever sound like you? Like, maybe the confirmation email sounds a little off, or your cart verbiage isn’t right. That’s probably because you haven’t changed your account’s language. So let me show you how! How to change the verbiage in your Shopify shop Starting on […]

How to change the verbiage in your Shopify shop


I’m always talking about how important it is to have great photos on your website. Having professional photos is my number one tip for how to make your website stand out. If your business hasn’t taken off yet, and your budget is tight, DIY photos are NOT your only option. The internet is filled with […]

My favorite websites to find cute stock photos


Question from one of my followers on tiktok:  “Omggg can you make more tutorials about this? This looks so much better than the basics.”  How to add sections to product pages OF COURSE! So in this tutorial I will show you how to add sections to your product page on Shopify 2.0. First you’ll go […]

Adding sections to your Shopify product page.


I love answering your questions on tiktok. Here is my response to one small shop on what to do about abandoned checkouts. Recovering Abandoned Checkouts Abandoned checkouts are seriously the worst, here’s a few tips on how to recover them. Shopify’s abandoned checkout feature This first way I’m going to show you is just what’s […]

What do I do about abandoned checkouts?


Hey Shopify owner, are you adding alt text to all of your images? Because you definitely should be! Here’s How! From your Shopify dashboard, click on Customize next to your theme. From your customizer, just click an image. And then all you’ll need to do is just click Edit Alt Text. I know, it’s super […]

Are you using alt images text on your Shopify site?


If you see a Shopify site that you really love, you can actually use Chrome extensions to spy and see which theme they’re using, and all of the different plugins they have! I’ll show you how. First you’ll need to download the Koala Inspector extension on Chrome. Once you’ve downloaded it, just go to a […]

What Shopify App is that???


Shopify + Google shopping tab = more sales! Have you ever wondered how people get their products under the Google shopping tab? Well here’s how with Shopify! From your Shopify dashboard click on Sales Channels on the menu on the left.  Click the + icon next to Google. Once that’s activated then you’ll just connect […]

How to get your products on the Google shopping tab


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