Four of my favorite Shopify apps: 1. Instafeed is an easy way to put your Instagram feed on your website.  One of the best ways to get website views that actually convert is by having a strong social media presence. People want to stalk you and make sure you’re legit. I love instafeed because your […]

Four of my Favorite Shopify Apps


True or False: You don’t even have to think about the way your website looks to sell tons of products. A lot of times I’ll hear business coaches say that design is not that important, and that you can sell as many products as you want without great design and branding. And while I agree […]

Visual Branding Builds Trust


Can I own a successful business if I’m not always mentally strong? Something I never hear people talk about here…and really anywhere…is being a business owner, and struggling with mental health issues. And I’m here to tell you that your business doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. If you’re having a hard day (or […]

Mental Health as a Business Owner


Here are a few tips on how to sell more authentically. 1. Share a story about why you’re doing what you’re doing. People love to feel like they know you personally. This helps them connect to you on a whole different level, and they WANT to support your business. Today, owning a business is almost […]

How to Sell More Authentically


ATTENTION INFLUENCERS!!! This is for you! I know that you have spent a lot of time building your YouTube, your TikTok, your Instagram, everywhere. But you really need a website too. Here’s why. YOU NEED A WEBSITE! Here’s why. You’ll always have a platform Having a website ensures that you’ll always have a platform, no […]



I love getting questions from all of you! This one came in a few months ago, and I wanted to share my answer here. Do you have any tips for creating websites for authors?  YES, and these tips can go toward other websites as well! Website tips for authors. 1. Keep it clean. So first […]

Website tips for authors ( and everyone else too )


If you’ve seen my tiktok account, you know that one of my favorite things to do on tiktok is give small businesses a website audit and tell them a few little tweaks that they can do to make a big difference on their website. A lot of times people aren’t making the sales they want […]

Top 3 mistakes I see when doing a website audit


Your customers should be able to see your work from a mile away, just at a glance. Here are three tips on how to make your visual branding memorable: Memorable Branding 1. Choose a color palette that emits the feeling that you want your customers to have from you. There are positives and negatives to […]

Three tips for memorable visual branding


 Brand Truth Bomb Are you ready for a brand truth bomb?. … … … … Okay here it is. YOU ARE THE MAGIC. The world needs a little bit of you in. So if you own a brand and you find yourself looking at your competitors and trying to do everything that they do, STOP […]

How to have a brand that feels magical


Here are four ways that your visual branding might be coming off wrong to your ideal customer: 1. No strategy You’ve got no strategy so you really have no idea who you’re talking to. You have no idea who you’re trying to attract, you’re just kind of flying by the seat of your pants. 2. […]

4 ways that your visual branding might be coming off wrong


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