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I have been so lucky lately! It seems like I am starting to work with my dream clients more consistently. Every client lately has been so talented, creative, and just straight up genius babes.

Jaelyn Lovell was no exception to this, of course!

When we first connected, she filled out her client homework and it stuck out to me that she loved to cheer people on and help them uplevel in their lives.

So, for her logo drafts I added in an arrow, just as a little nod to that!

She ended up liking the the bottom one, with a few tweaks, and from there it was smooooth sailing.

Her moodboard was everything that dreams are made of, and really set the scene for what her website would look like!

I love how her site turned out! The moving elements (like the “you are” affirmation, and the preset section) are my fave!

Go check out her website here!

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